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Resting Bitch Place is an online coaching membership and community for badass women who are tired of just surviving this life.

Here, our work is about gaining clarity, embracing everyday magic, and tapping into our intuition.  It’s about dropping the hustle and finding our flow.  In Resting Bitch Place, we laugh, we cuss, and most of all, we show up as our wild, messy selves.

This community is designed to be a little retreat for your soul.  A place where you can take a break and get replenished, amidst work, kids, chaos… life.  Whether you participate in every activity or just drop in for a break when your schedule allows, you are welcome here.  Being a member isn’t about having to add MORE things to your to-do list… it’s about creating some space to help you discover what you need to live a life that is intentional, aligned and free.  

Group of Laughing Women

Meghan D.

"It's not every day you have the opportunity to press pause and evaluate where you are and where you want to go. Meredith helps you take manageable steps to turn your dreams into a reality. She’s honest yet gentle, listening while leading, and kind with a kick."

Kayla H.

"Group coaching with Meredith is about more than just developing professionally. It's about community and connections that I would have never made before. I am working on my insides to create changes on the outside."

What's Inside

As a member of Resting Bitch Place, you’ll get access to:


Resting Bitch Place Six Week Kick Start

This course is designed to help you create more intentional routines in 45 days so you stop mindlessly scrolling through life.  It features four modules that can be completed on your own timeline: 

  1. Stop the Scroll: Get clear about what's important in your life and how you want to show up every day.
  2. Find Your Focus: Using Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies as a foundation, learn to tap into your Tendency so you can successfully follow through.  Then, get focused and prioritize the routines that will make the most impact on your life.
  3. Align and Refine: Work the method!  Deep dive into your priority routines and follow the formula to make sure they work for you.
  4. Make Space for Magic: Once your foundation is in place, learn how to start maximizing routines and behaviors to add more magic to your life.


12 Months Inside the Resting Bitch Place Community

The RBP Community features events and resources every month to support your journey to create a life that’s intentional, aligned and free, including:

  • Fuck Yes Focus - A monthly guide to help dial in on living a “fuck yes life” featuring book recommendations, journaling and creative prompts, and a Four Tendencies focus area
  • Soul Full Sunday - A conversation with some of our favorite guest gurus on topics to help you explore ways you can gain clarity, embrace everyday magic, and tap into your intuition
  • Power Hour - Time on the calendar to do the work!  This co-working session with other RBP members is a great time to create some accountability for checking things off your to-do list
  • Quick Align Session - A coaching and question + answer session to help you continue to align and refine (life, work, routines, whatevs…)
  • Practice the Pause - An evening guided meditation and reflection 

Busy Bitch? Don't worry. All of our monthly events are recorded and archived so you can view them when it's convenient for you. 


Resting Bitch Place Retreats

Members get complimentary tickets to all virtual retreats (held in January, April, and October) plus exclusive discounts to in-person retreats held throughout the year!

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Are You Ready?

What if you turned your magic all the way up?  What if you listened to the knowing inside you instead of the noise around you?  Your truth is a magnetic force that won't rest until it finds you.   It's time to take a deep breath and remember who the fuck you are. 

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